Contract compliance

Contract compliance

Soon after your contract is active, a member of our Compliance team will get in touch by phone or in person. They will take you through the Modern Apprentice programme conditions and specification. They will also answer any questions you have about staying compliant throughout your contract.   

Keep your records up to date 

Stay on track by maintaining complete and up-to-date records for all your apprenticeship candidates. 

Claim payments correctly  

We check the Start and Milestone submissions to make sure you claim your payments correctly. This helps reduce the possibility of us having to recover funds.  

We also match claims for milestones and outcomes against the result of your ELECTRIS check and the details held in the MA Online portal.  

Our compliance visits 

Each year, we select several providers for compliance checks. The checks will normally be in person. But in some circumstances we carry out reviews over the phone.

During a visit, we will check several files at random. Starts and Milestone submissions are inspected as are training agreements, training plans and the summary of achievement records.  

Receiving your compliance report  

Shortly after the visit or call, you will receive your compliance report. It includes a summary of our findings from the visit and an action plan for any required changes. It is then sent to your Skills Investment Adviser (SIA).  

As part of the report, we will also let you know if there’s a need to recover any funds.