Recruitment process

Recruitment process

Find tools and resources to help training providers and employers play their role in supporting diversity on the NTP Equality and Diversity Page. Remember to work with your employers to advertise any vacancies you have on

Before posting, you should read our inclusive recruitment guides for tips on how to recruit a diverse range of applicants

Before they start, make the right checks 

Check the participant is eligible to join the approved Modern Apprenticeship framework. You also need to make sure they have a Scottish Candidate Number if they’re on a course accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Welcoming your apprentice 

We have short welcome guide on how to ease first day nerves for new apprentices. It tells you what to do before they start and on their first day.  

Tell them about available support and funding

Ask each participant to complete an Equality Monitoring Form (Appendix 6). 

Extra funding might be available if apprentices are disabled and/or care experienced. To claim this enhanced funding, the apprentice must voluntarily sign a statement found in the Appendix 4 - Eligibility for Enhanced Funding. As the provider, you then need to follow the steps in the guidance document to claim the higher-level funding.  

Keep the signed statement for audits and upload it to the Funding Information Processing System (FIPS). 

Check if an apprentice needs additional support, funding or equipment to do their training. If they do, let them know they can apply for support with Access to Work funds through Jobcentre Plus.   

We also have a short guide about helping new recruits and what additional support and funding they can receive. 

Training Agreement

Each apprentice needs to complete the Appendix 5 - Training Agreement 2020 2021. It needs to be signed by the candidate, employer and you. 

Keep these documents for audits in the future and enter their details into FIPS. You must do this within four weeks of the start date.  

Any changes to the agreement must be signed by the participant and you. If the qualification changes, the employer needs to sign it as well. Again, keep copies of each version for any audits. 

You can find out more details about recording the Training Agreement on FIPS in our guide 

Before claiming a milestone payment  

There are three things you need to do before claiming your first milestone payment.  

Agree a Learning Plan. You should do this with the participant and it can be reviewed and updated as they progress. You, the participant and the employer must sign the plan before a claim for the first milestone payment is made.  

You also need to register each participant with an Awarding Body and Sector Skills Organisation. The apprentice must be registered with the right group award and units.