Training delivery

Training delivery

When apprentices start their training, you will keep up to date with them through reviews and assessments.

Your Skills Investment Adviser (SIA) will contact you regularly to review how you’re delivering your training. They will also get feedback from apprentices and employers who are working with you.

Throughout the contract term, you need to tell us immediately of anything that might affect the contract. This could be changes to sub-contractors, signatories, delegated authorities or Awarding Body approvals.

Keep funding information up to date  

Keep all your information up to date on the Funding Information and Processing System (FIPS). Your SIA will show you how to confirm the Modern Apprenticeships starts, milestones and outcome.  

Each participant will receive a notification through FIPs asking them to confirm their registration. If the candidate doesn’t, SDS will suspend their registration as a Modern Apprentice. Find out more about this in our FIPS guidance 

Report on progress 

The apprentice’s progress must be regularly reviewed and assessed. As a provider you must carry out Apprentice Progress Reviews (APRs) with the Apprentice and Employer every 13 weeks, as a minimum, for the duration of the apprenticeship and until the apprentice's leaving date is recorded and evidenced on FIPS.

Once the Apprentice finishes each milestone, submit their unit achievement to the appropriate Awarding body database or system as soon as you can.

Apprentice Progress Reviews must be carried out face-to-face. If the APR is not carried out face-to-face then this must be agreed in writing, in advance by your SIA.

The APR is a mandatory requirement for all apprentices and all Modern Apprenticeship frameworks. The information recorded in the APR should relate to the activity undertaken at the IA and learning plan stage. It should act as a review against the findings, with particular focus on the goals and objectives set out initially in their learning plan

Claim milestones and completion payment 

You can claim Milestone payments when you meet all the obligations under the MA Provider Contract. Apprentices will receive notifications by SMS or by email asking them to validate each milestone claim you are making. This is known as the Validation process and is a mandatory requirement.

You need to register each Apprentice with an Awarding Body and Sector Skills Organisation. The Apprentice must be registered with the right group award and units.

Each part of the qualification, as broken down in the Payment Plan, needs to be met in line with the requirements of the relevant Awarding Body.