Apprenticeship completion

Apprenticeship completion

You need to show evidence that the participant has finished their full Modern Apprenticeship from the Sector Skills organisation. You also need to show proof of achievement of the full qualification from the Awarding Body, before the last payment is made.  

If an apprentice leaves

You need to enter their leaving details into the Funding Information and Processing System (FIPS) immediately if a participant leaves their apprenticeship for any reason. Read more information in our FIPS guidance 

You also need to enter their unit achievement to the correct Awarding Body database or system. You should do this no later than four weeks after the apprentice’s leaving date.  

Supporting candidates in redundancy  

Redundancy is a challenging time and it is important to provide support 

If an apprentice is made redundant, you must enter their leaving details into FIPS immediately to trigger additional SDS support. 

As part of the Modern Apprenticeship conditions, you need to support the participant in looking for alternative employment. This includes working with the relevant Sector Skills Organisations to find opportunities. Talk about the Adopt an Apprentice programme with potential employers too. 

Unexpected interruptions  

Sometimes life events or other circumstances mean a participant needs to put their apprenticeship on hold. If their training is temporarily interrupted for any reason, tell your Skills Investment Adviser right away in writing.

If you need more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) or please call our advisers on 0800 783 6000.