Learner recruitment

Your checklist

When recruiting learners, you will have to ensure activity is planned and aligned to key processes in the school academic year, such as senior phase options. During this time:

  • Develop a process for recruitment, aligning with key timelines and engaging key stakeholders: parents, pupils and local authorities to drive uptake of the FA programme, as outlined in the Guidance Note: Recruitment

  • Engage with employers to support learner recruitment activity, as outlined in the Guidance Note: Employer Engagement.

  • Ensure you have a robust recruitment and selection process in place, with clear entry criteria aligned to MAs.

  • Support any additional needs for learners and ensure appropriate measures are in place.

  • Our short guide offers more information on welcoming a new learner and making reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

  • Make use of the FA marketing toolkit to support recruitment of learners on to the programme.

  • Adhere to the programme Marketing and Publicity Guidelines.

  • Our short guide offers support on attracting a diverse range of learners.