Activating your Foundation Apprenticeship contract

Every year, we award contracts to learning providers for Foundation Apprenticeships. Here’s how to prepare for your contract activation.

Sign your contract 

You’ll get an Award Letter and contract - sign and return the contract to Skills Development Scotland. There are instructions about this in your Award Letter.

Speak to your DDE

You’ll be appointed a Development and Delivery Executive (DDE).  They'll guide you through the process of delivering a Foundation Apprenticeship contract. 

Access FIPS 

You’ll need to get a  Funding and Information Processing System (FIPS) Licence Agreement and give details of delegated authorities who need access. Find out all about FIPS with these self-service videos and how-to guides. 

Prepare for recruitment 

Develop a recruitment process and start-up activity. Make sure you align them with key school term timelines.

Browse our marketing resources to help promote your Foundation Apprenticeships on social media. These inclusive recruitment guides help reach a diverse audience.


Understand the programme conditions 

Make sure your colleagues and your employers are aware of the responsibilities in the  Foundation Apprenticeship Product Specification.  

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