Training delivery

Your checklist

When your learners have been recruited, your Development and Delivery Executive will provide you with a schedule of visits to review your training delivery. This will include gaining feedback from both learners and employers to help inform continuous improvement. During this time:

  • Ensure learner journey is clear from recruitment to achievement and completion.

  • Implement a clear and robust induction for both learners and employers.

  • Engage with employers to gain commitment for work placements and other activity as outlined in the Guidance Note: Employer Engagement.

  • Ensure employers are signed up for work placements and the learning hours required in the FA framework are met.

  • Ensure your delivery model meets the product specification and follows an appropriate assessment strategy.

  • Review and assess each learner’s progress, share and agree with learner, employer and school.

  • Ensure each learner has a signed and agreed Individual Learning Plan.

  • Meet with your DDE to review aspects of delivery, highlighting where relevant areas of good practice and continuous improvement.

  • Implement processes to support continued participation of learners at risk of leaving early, or not completing.

  • Invite learners to register on My world of Work.