Soon after contract activation, a Compliance Executive from Skills Development Scotland will conduct a briefing visit. This will give you an overview of the MA programme conditions and specification. 

Your checklist

During this time:

  • You'll be asked to complete and maintain an up to date Record of Provider Controls document, which you present to SDS.

  • When asked to do so, you should complete the Provider Annual Certificate of Assurance document 

  • SDS Compliance Executives will make Payment Assurance visits. You'll need to provide supporting evidence at various points through your contract.

  • As a provider, you should be aware that SDS monitors contract compliance by checking claims for milestones and outcomes against the results of your ELECTRIS check (for SQA VQs), and details held in MA Online.

  • You may be asked to provide SDS with the latest set of audited accounts for your organisation (if we can't find them from other sources).