Modern Apprenticeship


What's Hospitality like?

Do you enjoy helping people? Are you passionate about creating memorable experiences? If so, studying for an apprenticeship in hospitality gives you the opportunity to develop your customer service skills and show the best of what Scotland has to offer to residents and tourists alike.  

The apprenticeship is for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of customer service. Learn how to prepare regional dishes in a pub environment. Discover how to blend creative cocktails and present them to a customer. Improve your understanding of a sector that’s dedicated to making people feel happy and comfortable.  

Whether you’re interested in customer care or drink production, there’s a job for you in Scotland’s hospitality industry. Work as a waiter and serve a range of craft ales. Help to plan parties as an event assistant. Become a chef and add your own ideas to different recipes. 

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Entry requirements

There are no set requirements for the apprenticeship. But it is good to have an interest in the hospitality industry and a desire to learn.  

How does it work?

You’ll learn in a real-world environment and earn a wage. You’ll also study with a college or another learning provider. 

How long will it take?

This Modern Apprenticeship will take 12 to 24 months to complete.  

How to apply

Use the 'Find vacancies near you' search at the end of this page to look for vacancies, then you can apply online.

You'll apply on or the company’s own website – there are details on the vacancy advert.

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