Regulatory Services

Modern Apprenticeship


What's Regulatory Services like?

This apprenticeship gives you a path into a growing and essential sector throughout Scotland.

Regulatory Services keep people and communities safe. You'll help to protect public spaces, businesses and the environment.

You'll carry out inspections and checks to make sure that organisations are following laws and standards. Your work helps protect people from dangers such as pollution, unsafe food and pests.

Areas for careers in this sector include Environmental Health Services and Trading Standards. Typical jobs include air-quality officer, dog warden or Environmental Health officer.

Good to know

  • You could earn up to £40,000 as a qualified Environmental Health Officer.

  • You'd have an office base, but would spend much of your time out in the workplace or visiting businesses and homes.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this apprenticeship. But it would help to have good English and maths / science qualifications.

It's also ideal if you:

  • have attention to detail

  • are motivated to succeed in the Regulatory Services sector

  • are willing to pick up further study when needed

  • have good numeracy skills

  • have good written and verbal communication skills to deal with a wide range of people

  • are able to ask for help or guidance

How does it work?

You’ll learn in a real-world environment and earn a wage. You’ll also study with a college or another learning provider. 

How long will it take?

This Modern Apprenticeship will take 2 years to complete.

How to apply

Use the 'Find vacancies near you' search at the end of this page to look for vacancies, then you can apply online.

You'll apply on or the company’s own website – there are details on the vacancy advert.

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