Join Scotland's Apprentice Network

  • Promote apprenticeships through exciting events
  • Visit schools to share your experience with pupils
  • Share your knowledge and the benefits of being an apprentice on social media
  • Talk at award ceremonies, industry meetings, learning events or even at the Scottish Parliament

What are the benefits?

Access to unique development opportunities

Join a powerful network of apprentices, employers and business leaders

Get access to helpful resources and industry information

Share your story and help other young people see the value of apprenticeships

Influence policy and help shape the future of apprenticeships

What do I need to become a member?

No one understands apprenticeships in Scotland better than you. You did the work and you got the rewards. And now, no one is better placed to help and mentor young people as they take their first steps on a career path you know so well.

The Network is open to all apprentices, past and present.

You'll need to nominate a Network Sponsor.

Your Network Sponsor should be someone who can give you a positive reference about what you will bring to the Network. It could be your line-manager or someone you have worked closely with during your apprenticeship.

  • Details about your apprenticeship

  • Your Employer's contact details (you’ll need their permission)

  • Contact details for your Network Sponsor

  • Ideas for what you will bring to the network

  • It should take about 15 minutes to complete the registration form

Join the Network

Apply to be part of the Network and inspire the next generation of talent with your skills, knowledge and experience.
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Our apprentices

Hear from some of our network members about what being a network member means to them.

Julia Speirs MA.jpg

Julia Speirs, Digital Marketing Apprentice, Microsoft

“I get to go to events to promote apprenticeships as a meaningful career path and inspire young people.”

Luke Smith MA.jpg

Luke Smith, Design Engineering Technician Apprentice, Leonardo

“Being part of the apprentice network is important as I can share my knowledge to help future apprentices understand exactly what they can expect from this route.”

Anna McCormick - headshot -original.jpg

Anna McCormick, Modern Apprentice in Digital Marketing, Microsoft

“Being an ambassador is important to me as I want to educate school leavers on the options they have when leaving school, and help them to consider apprenticeships as an alternative career path to university.”