Get involved

This year, hundreds of businesses across the country took part in Scottish Apprenticeship Week.

Employers, apprentices, training providers, colleges, councils, schools and other partners all played their part.

We want next year to be even bigger - and taking part is easy. Here are some suggestions of how you can get involved. These are just a few ideas - remember, you can always get in touch if you want to talk about a possible event.

Hold taster sessions for young people


What? Give young people a taste of the kind of skills they could learn through an apprenticeship - and an idea of what work-based learning could be like.

How? Open up your business for a morning and let your guests try simple practical tasks. Or, take some of your equipment out to their school or a local community hall or centre and let them try it out. Bring along your own apprentices to answer any questions about apprenticeships.

Why? These kinds of events can bring apprenticeships to life for young people - encouraging them to think of the work-based learning route when deciding what path their career will take. Companies who've hosted similar events have been able to spot potential recruits.

You could tailor an event to specific groups that are underrepresented in your industry. In 2017, British Airways Maintenance Group opened up its doors to a group of female pupils from Renfrewshire. This was a unique opportunity to experience a live engineering environment and hearing from women working in the industry, helping to change mindsets and inspire more young women to consider a career in STEM. 


Female pupils from Renfrewshire visited British Airways to find out about careers in STEM.

Network with local employers



What? Invite employers along to your business to find out more about apprenticeships, and start discussions about how they could benefit your industry or local area.

How? Host a business breakfast, with a talk from your own Modern Apprentices. Or how about a speed networking event or a question and answer session about apprenticeships?

Why? As a business, this type of event lets you share best practice as well as forging connections with other local firms. In the past, employers have used similar events to discuss how apprenticeships can help address issues like skills shortages in their industry.

In 2017, BT hosted an event in Edinburgh promoting their involvement in the MA programme. Gordon Lindhurst MSP attended to hear from young MAs about their experiences.

Visit a local school 

What? Get out to a school in your local area to spread the word about apprenticeships with pupils. 

How? Round up one or two of your current apprentices, and take them along. At the school, give a short presentation about your apprenticeship programme. Ask your apprentices to talk about their experiences and answer questions. Or, ask local schools if they have any careers events planned that you can take part in. 

Why? If you're going to be recruiting, it helps for local schools to know your company and what you offer so that they can signpost pupils to you. Letting young people know more about what you have to offer means they'll think of you when it's time to start applying for jobs. It also lets you build stronger relationships with your local schools. 

Go back to the shop floor

What? Ask a manager, director chief executive to try shadowing a Modern Apprentice for the day

How? Nominate an apprentice to take on your senior member of staff as a buddy for the day. They'll follow what the apprentice does and see what the job is really like for them. 

Why? Scottish Apprenticeship Week isn't just about spreading the word outside your company. Giving senior management a chance to experience life as an apprentice reminds them of the great opportunity it affords - and gives your apprentices a chance to impress the boss. It can bring a fresh perspective which helps you spot what's working well in your apprenticeship programme, and best practice which could be rolled out elsewhere. It can also make a great story for local media. Speaking of which...

Share using #ScotAppWeek18

Share your tweets and Instagram pics using #ScotAppWeek18 to join in.

Not sure what to post? Here are some suggestions:

  • Images and quotes from current apprentices talking about their experiences
  • Are you hosting an event? Share pics from the day and let people know what happened
  • Share details of vacancies, recruitment drives and upcoming positions
  • Stats and figures about your apprenticeship programme
  • In previous years, apprentices have run takeovers of social media accounts - posting throughout the day about what they're up to in work or at special events

Share your story with local media

What? Get your local newspaper, website or radio station involved in spreading the word about apprenticeships.

How? Tell your local newspaper about your Modern Apprenticeship success stories. What stories do your apprentices have? Think about what might make an appealing tale. You could ask a local reporter to visit your workplace to feature Modern Apprentices. If you're hosting one of the events above, you could promote through in your local media. After the event, share photos and quotes with reporters about how the day went.

Why? As well as sharing news about apprenticeships, this gives your business a bit of a boost in the local press.

Get your apprentices involved

What? Arrange a competition or event for your own apprentices.

How? In previous years, different companies have run competitions where apprentices have shared tagged photos or videos of themselves. You could even do a small internal event, inviting all of your apprentices together to meet and talk about their experiences.

Why? As a company, you could learn a lot from this kind of event or competition. Take a look at what your apprentices share - are there common themes in what they're proud of or want to highlight about their work? Are there particular questions that many of them have raised?  

Speak to your apprentices

We've given you some ideas, but you could also ask some experts - your own apprentices - how they'd do it. They may have great suggestions for how to take part in Scottish Apprenticeship Week.

Be a part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week

Big or small, running your own event is a great way for your business to take part in Scottish Apprenticeship Week. We'd love to hear about any events you're hosting.