Foundation Apprenticeships

Prepare your future employees for the world of work

School pupils complete a Foundation Apprenticeship in S5 and S6, alongside Highers or Nationals. They spend time out of school at college, and with employers like you.

So you help provide on-the-job training and an industry-recognised qualification.

  • Spot talented, motivated school pupils who could become your future employees

  • Foundation Apprentices work on real projects with your staff. They bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to those tasks
  • Young people get to know your business. So if you choose to recruit, they can come in with a useful working knowledge of it
  • Foundation Apprenticeships are designed with employers like you. So, they help young people build the skills your industry actually needs for the future
  • Foundation Apprenticeships give you an opportunity to deliver on the recommendations for employers from Developing Scotland's Young Workforce
  • Build stronger links with local schools and colleges
  • Young people also develop the soft skills – like time management, teamwork and communication - that come from quality work experience. So they're better prepared for the workplace when they leave school

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There are twelve frameworks available, ranging from Business Skills to Engineering. Find the Foundation Apprenticeship to suit your business.

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Success stories

Foundation Apprentices have only been around for a couple of years, but employers like you are already seeing the benefits of bringing them in to their business. Here's what a few of them had to say.

Scottish Water

Craig Jackson

'I feel we've really made a difference to some of the young people who have come into the FA programme. We've seen them change and develop lots of skills for the world of work.'

Craigie House care home

Angela Smith

‘It's a way of actually shaping the training of the young people of the future.’


Graeme Cairns

'FAs have developed our own staff as they have been mentors. This gives them experience in coaching and it's something they can use if they want to go into management' 

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Skills Development Scotland is delivering Foundation Apprenticeships with support from the European Social Fund

European Union and Scottish flags. European Social Fund. Investing in a smart, sustainable and inclusive future.

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