Modern Apprenticeships

Build the skills you need in your business.

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Your business needs skilled people.

We've got the answer.

  • A Modern Apprentice will receive structured, on-the-job training and a qualification designed for your industry

  • We will contribute towards the costs of training, saving you money

  • Hire someone new, or use an MA to upskill existing staff

  • With more than 80 types of MA, find one that suits your specific business needs 

  • Learning on the job means MAs get to know your business inside out – and apply their learning right away

  • Bring fresh ideas to your business

Three steps to hiring a Modern Apprentice


Funding your apprenticeship

You’ll pay their wages just like any other employee. We’ll contribute towards the costs of training. Use the contribution tables to see the level of funding we offer.

Funding support (age 16-24)
Funding support (age 25+)


Find a framework

There are over 80 Modern Apprenticeships from construction to digital media. Each framework tells you who the apprenticeship is suitable for and what’s involved.

Browse frameworks


Find a training provider

Figured out which type of Modern Apprenticeship you want to offer? The next step is to find a provider who’ll deliver the training.

Find a training provider

Advertise a vacancy

Advertise your Modern Apprenticeship vacancy on our site for free. We’ll post it on Universal Jobmatch, My World of Work and give it exposure on social media and email updates. Plus, our network of school careers advisers can point local young people towards your vacancy.


% of employers say those who completed an MA are better able to do their job


% of employers would recommend Modern Apprenticeships to their industry


% of employers say MAs improved their productivity


% of employers say MAs improved staff morale

Get expert advice on apprenticeships

We can give you free, one-to-one support, tailored to your business. Contact our Employer Engagement Team for free advice and support to get you started with apprenticeships.

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Any information you provide will be held in confidence, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). Your details will not be shared with any third parties. For a description of how we use your personal data, please read our privacy notice.

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Diversity is good for business

We want to ensure that apprenticeships are accessible. The benefit for you? A more diverse workforce is good for business. Plus, the funding contribution for disabled people and care experienced young people is at the highest level from ages 16 up to and including 29. 

Inclusive recruitment guides

Our short guides give you practical and often low-cost or free measures to source, attract and retain apprentices or employees you might have otherwise overlooked or failed to entice. We’ll offer tips on how you can widen your search for candidates and ensure your selection process is fair to all applicants.

Download the guides

More about apprenticeships

The apprenticeship family

Foundation Apprenticeships

Start shaping the next generation of talent. 

Graduate Apprenticeships

Find out about the newest part of the apprenticeship family and help your staff get qualified to degree level. 

The Apprenticeship Levy

Employers with a wage bill of more than £3 million now pay an apprenticeship levy. The levy is aimed at funding new apprenticeships across the UK. 

Financial incentives and support

Adopt an Apprentice

If you can take on an apprentice who's been made redundant from another employer, there's a financial incentive for your business.

Financial support in your area

We've pulled together a comprehensive guide so that you can find out about additional funding you could access. 

Scotland's Employer Recruitment Incentive

You could get up to £4,000 if you recruit a young person who’s faced significant barriers to employment.

Got a question?

From finding out about salary setting to travel and equipment costs, understanding the role of a training provider to the vacancy upload process, you’ll find all the answers in our frequently asked questions section. 


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