Employee workshops


An employee workshop brings together a group of 12-15 people who are qualified apprentices (or employees with equivalent experience) from an occupation where they have been doing the job for at least two or three years.

The purpose of an employee workshop is to gather practical and current information about work activities in a job. Taking part is a great way to contribute your knowledge.

The workshop will capture their day-to-day work activities across a range of work settings.

What is the purpose of an employee workshop?

In employee workshops, the people taking part will gather practical and current information about work activities in a job. Activities are clearly identified and accurately reflect the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed by employers.

The information will then be passed to a Technical Expert Group (TEG), which is a group of people at operational manager level who understand the apprenticeship role required.


What's involved?

You’ll be expected to attend an employee workshop virtually. You’ll be asked for your input around the different work situations and activities that you experience as part of your role.  

The information gathered from these employee workshops informs the work of the Technical Expert GroupThe group then validates the knowledge and skills required and is used to develop the content of an apprenticeship. 


Who can take part in an employee workshop?

To take part in the workshops, you will ideally: 

  • have completed an apprenticeship (or have equivalent experience) related to your current role, within the last two or three years 
  • be comfortable discussing your role and the types and sequence of work activities you carry out on a day-to-day basis with employees from other organisations  
  • be comfortable discussing how you use skills, such as communication and collaboration, in the workplac 

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