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Technical Expert Groups


A Technical Expert Group (TEG) is a short-life working group made up of 10 to 15 people from:

  • employers
  • industry and professional bodies
  • qualification and education experts
  • social partners, such as trade unions

The group involves people who have experience at operational manager level.


What is the purpose of a Technical Expert Group?

The purpose of a Technical Expert Group (TEG) is to develop an apprenticeship through the expertise of its membership. The people who make up the group are from a specific sector or occupation and have the experienceknowledge and understanding of what is needed to develop a competent apprentice in their field. 

Members will understand the apprenticeship role and know the skills and behaviours that are required from an employee within the sector. 

This approach is an entirely employer-led way of developing apprenticeships to ensure the result is an apprenticeship which meets the needs of employers. 


What’s involved?

As part of a Technical Expert Group, you take part by helping to refine and shape the apprenticeship. This involves taking part in a minimum of four half-day meetings over a six-month period and an initial induction.

The group refine and validate the outputs from an employee workshop to create an apprenticeship. This involves identifying the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to do the job effectively. The group also develop guidance on how to deliver the apprenticeship. 

If you're an employer who can commit to joining a Technical Expert Group, you'll be invited to join an induction, followed by three or four meetings. These meetings are currently held online. We'll also ask you to review draft documents between meetings.  

The process usually takes around six to eight months. During this time, the apprenticeship is developed, discussed, checked and agreed before being issued to the Apprenticeship Approval Group to be approved and finalised.  


Who can take part in a Technical Expert Group?

Membership of the Technical Expert Group should represent the industry and include both small and large organisations. 
It is important that each group member will be able to meet the following criteria: 

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