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Graduate Apprenticeships

Become a Graduate Apprenticeship learning provider and help someone gain a degree while they work and earn a wage. We'll guide you through the process and support you.


Deliver learning to Graduate Apprentices

When you’re a Graduate Apprentice learning provider, you:

  • can offer up to 13 Graduate Apprenticeships

  • support an apprentice to get a degree

  • work closely with apprentice employers

  • shape Scotland’s next generation of graduate employees


As a Graduate Apprentice learning provider, you’ll:

  • build stronger bonds with employers in your community

  • access funding to help with apprentice training costs

  • be supported by Skills Development Scotland throughout your journey

  • be able to widen your range of courses

  • play a part in building Scotland’s workforce

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What Graduate Apprenticeships are available?

There are 13 types, or frameworks, of Graduate Apprenticeship. Some examples are:

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Guidance for Graduate Apprenticeship learning providers

Check out policy and guidance that’s relevant for Graduate Apprenticeship learning providers.

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Graduate Apprenticeships delivery toolkit

This essential toolkit helps you deliver Graduate Apprenticeships. The toolkit contains advice, tips and tools based on real practice.

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