Activating your award

Every year, we award funding to learning providers for Graduate Apprenticeships (GA). Here’s what you need to do to prepare for your award activation.

Sign your funding award 

You’ll get a funding award letter first of all. Sign and return this to Skills Development Scotland. There are instructions about how to do this in your letter. 

Speak to your DDE 

You'll be appointed one of our Development and Delivery Executives (DDE).  They'll guide you through the process for delivering a Graduate Apprenticeship award. 

Access FIPS

You’ll need to get a  Funding and Information Processing System (FIPS) Licence Agreement. You'll then give details of delegated authorities who need access to FIPS. Check out the FIPS videos and how-to guides.    

Prepare for recruitment

Develop a recruitment process and start-up activity. You'll need to provide regular recruitment updates to your Development and Delivery Executive.

Understand the programme conditions

Make sure your colleagues and employers know about their responsibilities in Information and FAQs for Learning Providers.

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Policy and guidance

You've activated your award - what next? Read guidance on how to deliver it.



About Graduate Apprenticeships

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